01 Certificate Type
02 CSR
03 Contacts
04 Product Configuration
05 Payment

Step 1: Choose your certificate

DigiCert Basic EV SSL
DigiCert Basic OV
DigiCert EV Multi-Domain
DigiCert Multi-Domain SSL
DigiCert Secure Site
DigiCert Secure Site EV
DigiCert Secure Site PRO
DigiCert Secure Site PRO EV
DigiCert Secure Site PRO Wildcard
DigiCert Secure Site Wildcard
DigiCert Wildcard SSL
Verified Mark Certificate (VMC)
The DigiCert Basic EV (Flex) s the highest level of validation you can get in an SSL certificate. You are required to go through an extensive business validation, to give your users the utmost confidence. If you're doing heavy business transactions, this is the certificate that you need.
5 Year/s - $1,479.95 USD
4 Year/s - $1,199.95 USD
3 Year/s - $905.95 USD
2 Year/s - $609.95 USD
1 Year/s - $319.95 USD
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