10 years!

I can’t believe I let this pass by without so much as a word, but we’ve officially been in business for 10 years as of May! As most of you know, I started this business because I had numerous friends and family members looking for affordable hosting, at a time when it was very hard to come by. Since I had already been running my own servers for a couple of years for the various domains we own, people would come to me for help. At first I just gave friends space on my own servers. But at a time when disk space and bandwidth were still pretty pricey, I just couldn’t afford to do it for free anymore. So serve-you.net was born.

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Why do you still use IE?

It’s a simple question really. However I find myself asking people this question a lot. Why do you still use Internet Explorer? Did you know that of the roughly 60% of the world who use IE, around 10% still use IE6, which was released 9 years ago?!?! Another 15%-20% use IE7, which is also nearly 4 years old. And let’s be honest here, there really isn’t a lot to like about these old browsers. The security vulnerabilities seem to pop up daily, and Microsoft doesn’t even patch them in a timely manner, even when fully exposed. There are more choices than ever now with Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari all performing well, and following web standards (which IE still doesn’t fully).

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Scheduled Maintenance 12/31/2009 – 01/03/2010

serve-you.net will be performing a server migration for all shared hosting customers beginning at 8:00PM EST Thursday 12/31/2009. This migration is a bit more complex than any previous migrtations, as we have decided to switch from using Plesk to cPanel. While we will make every attempt to minimize downtime during this migration, there will be times that services may be inaccessible. We expect the migration to complete sometime overnight 12/31 – 01/01. We are scheduling this maintenance window through the weekend, as a precautions for any lingering issues that need to be addressed.

We are very excited about this migration, as we think that cPanel will offer you a much more robust hosting environment. We will be sending out an email with some of the features, as well as links to documentation omce the migration is complete.

Happy new year!

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Password Security

Do you practice good password policies? It’s so easy to fall into the habit of using the same password everywhere you need one. Worse, we often use simple passwords that are far too easy to guess, or crack. So what do you do to make a password that’s easy enough to remember, but difficult to guess/crack? Not only that, but use a different password on every site, server, and application?

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SPAM, It’s not just for dinner!

I love technology. I am continually amazed by new technology, and I am constantly immersed in it. In fact, this was one of the main reasons that I started serve-you.net all those years back. Being that I am so involved in technology, my entire life now seems to be digital. If you are anything like me, email has nearly replaced snail mail for everything except packages. Just about the only things I get in the mail these days are bills and junk. It’s pretty easy to toss the junk in the recycle bin, or trash can. What about email? What is this SPAM, and what can we do about it?

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