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SPAM, It’s not just for dinner!

I love technology. I am continually amazed by new technology, and I am constantly immersed in it. In fact, this was one of the main reasons that I started all those years back. Being that I am so involved … Continue reading

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What is “overselling”, and what does it mean for you?

In the hosting industry, you will see this term come up a lot in one form or another. Overselling, Oversold, etc. Or the opposite Undersold, non-oversold, etc. We even use it on our about us statement. So what does it … Continue reading

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SSL Security

Do you value your private information? Sure, we all do. But how much do you take security for granted when browsing the web? I was just reading an article on the register about a new man-in-the-middle attack on SSL, and … Continue reading

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Google Apps

Do you use gmail? We do, and we love, love, love it! Continue reading

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W3C Standards Compliance

We are currently working on getting all of our pages as close to W3C standards as possible. As a good portion of was coded before xhtml was established as a standard, there’s a lot of changing code from uppercase … Continue reading

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